Who is Saint Benedict

St. Benedict, painted by Fra Angelico

Who is Benedict?

Saint Benedict is the patron saint of school children! And of farmers, monks, Europe, civil engineers, and others. Here is a short biography of Saint Benedict, with many links to more information. Even more is in this Wikipedia article.

He founded a monastery and wrote a Rule for the monks. There are now many Benedictine monks and nuns all over the world.

There is a monastery in Norcia, the place in Italy where Benedict was born. If you go to the blog area of their website, you can hear the monks chanting the Divine Office in Latin, every day.

Did You Know?

  • The French version of the name “Benedict” is “Benoit,” pronounced Ben-Wah. In Italian, it’s Benedetto. In Spanish it’s Benedicto or Benito.
  • Benedict was a twin! Read about his twin sister, Scholastica.
  • “Benedict” means “blessed.” Our past Pope adopted the name “Benedict” when he became Pope. He is the 16th Pope to take that name.
  • There is a dish called Eggs Benedict, but it probably has nothing to do with Saint Benedict.