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Replacing Our Aged HVAC System - $700,000

To sustain a safe and comfortable environment that promotes learning, we must replace aging infrastructure - specifically our HVAC system. In 2013, the Diocese of Richmond completed a facilities assessment which identified as one of our top priorities upgrading the school’s HVAC system. In order to address this need, Dunlap Partners performed an engineering study and based on its findings, the School Board recommended, and the Building and Renovations Committee of the Diocese approved, installing a Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system to heat and cool the entire school. The VRF system allows for both centralized control and local temperature variations.  The system is quiet, energy efficient, and in most spaces does not require ductwork.  Specific to our school, this new HVAC solution will improve consistency of heating and cooling in the learning environment, reduce energy consumption and costs for the school, and improve the general comfort for our students, teachers, faculty and visitors year-round. We received four proposals for our HVAC project and selected a respected local firm that has completed similar projects of this scope and size.

The new system was installed during the Spring/Summer 2020, allowing the school to re-open with improved ventilation.  Now we must secure funds to help retire the debt incurred.

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