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Middle School Program

The Middle School encompasses Sixth through Eighth Grade with one section per grade.  Having only one section per grade creates a close knit community where teachers and students know one another across grade levels.  

Students rotate classes using a traditional schedule, with daily attendance in core classes: Religion, English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Latin.  Music, Art, Physical Education, and Seminar meet once per week.  Several high school level courses  are available to Eighth Grade students.

This second period of instruction is generally called the "Logic Stage."  This stage sees a shift in focus to more abstract thought.  Classes involve more discussion, analysis, and critique.  Algebraic variables, geometric principles, and problem solving cap the Mathematics sequence.  Students engage with the works of the great literary minds.  Each year students write a research paper, gradually building in length and complexity.  Students continue to practice memorization and develop the ability to effectively communicate orally and in writing.  In Seminar, students read and discuss a variety of texts that expound upon a central, year-long theme.  Finally, students begin to examine more complicated moral issues and develop an active faith characterized by prayer and enlivened by service within the school and broader community.