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The Finance Office is shared with the parish and located next to the Church.  We are always happy to answer your questions, but suggest that you call ahead if you want to drop by, that way you will be sure that we are available.

Per the direction of the Diocese of Richmond, we use FACTS Tuition Management Program for all student billing.  The use of one centralized and easily accessible system makes billing more straight-forward for both families and the schools.

Everyone will use FACTS to make almost all required payments to the school (e.g. Tuition, After School Care, Morning Care, Field Trips and other fees).

What is the cost?

If you will be paying tuition monthly (10 or 12 months) the fee is $45 for the year. 

If you will be paying tuition in one payment the fee is $10

Why do I have two accounts?

In FACTS you have a tuition account and an incidental account for all other billing.  If you pay tuition monthly the tuition account is set up to auto pay.  You can set up the incidental account to auto pay but you don't have to.

How will billing be done?

Your initial tuition payments will be set up through your on line agreement, and you will choose to make payments either on the 5th or the 20th of the month.  As additional charges arise they will be entered into your incidental account and payment scheduled for the following 5th and you will receive an email notifying you of the charge.  That being said, you will have at least 10 days before the payment is due.  When you are notified of a charge, you can decide to go on-line and pay it early or wait for it to come out on the scheduled date. 

What if I don’t have email?

If you don’t have email, FACTS will print the payment notice and mail it to you.

What if I didn’t sign up for ACH?

If you are a monthly tuition pay family you are required to sign-up for ACH to pay tuition, so that money is automatically withdrawn from your bank account or debit card on the specified date. 

If you are an annual tuition pay family you are encouraged to sign-up for ACH.  If you do not, you will still have a FACTS account and receive invoices from FACTS.

Who do I pay?

You pay FACTS and FACTS pays the school.  When necessary, payments may be made directly at school.  They will be recorded in FACTS as payment at institution.  Payments should be received in the business office at least five days prior to the due date to allow for proper recording and prevent automatic withdrawal via FACTS.

How do I know what I owe and when?

At any time you can sign on to your FACTS account and see a detailed history of your charges, past payments, and pending payments.  Much of the data can be expanded by choosing expand or clicking the + sign.  Additionally, FACTS will send you regular notices in advance of each payment due date.

What happens when a charge is added or a payment is made at school? 

Every time the business office makes a change to your FACTS account you will receive an email.  So for example, when you send a check in for a Field Trip you will get an email when the Field Trip charge is entered and another email when your check is recorded against the charge. 

What if I need to move a payment?

You may move your tuition payment up to 2 weeks, four times a year.  To change a payment amount or with help moving a payment you can contact the business office at 804-254-8810 x110 or  Please note that changes to payment schedules must be made at least two business days in advance.

What if I need help?

If you need specific help with FACTS you can call 866-441-4637.  If you need help with billing, flex letters, or tax letters please contact the business office at 804-254-8810 x110 or

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