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Saint Benedict is unique in that we offer a House System. The tradition of school Houses goes back to English boarding schools.  The Houses provided a home away from home for the students and a natural source of friendly rivalry and competition. Many private and public school in the United States are adopting the practice.

Our school is divided into four Houses named after the four Saints surrounding Saint Benedict in the mural found in St. Benedict Church: Augustine House, Jerome House, Ambrose House, Gregory House

The purpose of our House system is:

1) COMMUNITY - The House system will further increase the strong sense of Christian community at St. Benedict.  It will provide a forum for new families to be welcomed and returning students to feel a sense of belonging. It will provide smaller communities that each student will be a part of - a safe and welcoming environment for all students, with built in service opportunities.  

2) LEADERSHIP - The House system will promote building virtue, developing leadership, and providing academic support.

3) SCHOOL SPIRIT - The House system will provide a framework to accommodate friendly competition, encourage school spirit, and increase volunteer efforts.

Each student is assigned to a House upon their enrollment at St. Benedict. The House is led by a Prefect, an eighth grade student selected by their peers. Houses accumulate points throughout the year in areas of spirituality, academics, community, and activities. We have 4 designated "House Days" throughout the year where the 8th grade helps organize activities that build up school spirit.

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