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Our faith infuses everything we do, from morning and afternoon prayer, to weekly Mass, celebration of church feasts, the study of Scripture, and developing a closer relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Let them put Christ before all else; and may he lead us all to everlasting life.”
Rule of Saint Benedict

It is essential to create a Catholic culture in which every aspect of the school community is imbued with a sense of faith and strives to proclaim the Gospel message. The root of all instructional decisions is in the magisterial teachings of the Church and her long-established traditions.  The human condition cannot be fully understood without an understanding of the fall of man and the salvific and redemptive actions of Jesus Christ.  As a result, the school should be a place where students have ready access to formal prayer, religious images and statues, and all things that help to make the spiritual closer to the human mind.  Our practice of faith is crowned by the weekly celebration of the Mass, the source and summit of our Catholic faith.

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