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The Centennial Fund for Saint Benedict Catholic School


Serving God’s Beautiful Children

Saint Benedict Catholic School (SBCS) is Richmond’s oldest parochial school, founded by the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia in 1919. Throughout our rich history, SBCS has brought together RVA’s children, from different backgrounds and neighborhoods, to learn – united as God's beautiful children. Today our school continues that vital mission, serving approximately 200 students each year in a wonderful, small-school community with just one class per grade (JK-8). Our families come to us from over 20 area zip codes making us a destination school. We are sought after for our faithful Catholic culture, our challenging Classical curriculum, and our supportive community.  A love of God, a love of learning and a love of service are core to a St. Benedict education.

Stewarding our Past, Ensuring Our Future

As SBCS marks its 100th Anniversary, we seek to enrich this wonderful institution that has served so many families in our greater Richmond community. The purpose of The Centennial Fund is to responsibly steward our century-old school building and property by completing essential capital improvements today.  These projects will preserve and enhance this Richmond landmark so that it may continue to provide children with a wholesome, Christ-filled education that fosters a love of God, a love of learning, and a love of service for decades to come. Key to this campaign will be:

  • Replacing Our Aged HVAC System - $700,000
  • Maximizing Our Outdoor Urban Campus - $200,000
  • Community Spaces, Annual Fund and Stewardship - $100,000

To date we have raised

$235,892.59 in gifts and pledges

$100,037.61 towards $100,000 Challenge Grant

as of April 20, 2021

You can make a gift or pledge today or contact Gretchen Ridgely to discuss how your family would like to be a part of The Centennial Fund.  Join in funding essential capital improvements as Saint Benedict School begins its second century of service to Richmond.

Supporting the Centennial Fund

Preserving our parochial school for future generations can only happen with the full support of our Saint Benedict community. Contributions to The Centennial Fund can take place in several ways: outright gifts, family gifts, grants, and blended gifts, (including planned gifts).

Supporters at the Benefactor level and above may make their gift over a multi-year term. Gifts at this level will be honored in the permanent display in the lobby of our school. All donors to the campaign will be recognized online, in our Annual Report and in our Commemorative Centennial Booklet at our rescheduled 2021 Gala. 

Founder - $100,000+
Legacy - $50,000+
Heritage - $25,000+
Charter - $10,000+
Leader - $5,000+
Benefactor - $2,500+
Friend - $1,000+
Supporter - $500+
Patron - Gifts up to $499

Click to make a gift payment or make a pledge now.

Gifts and Pledges as of April 20, 2021


Anonymous (1)


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hancock, III
Mr. & Mrs. Dan Marks
Ms. Anne McEvoy
Mr. & Mrs. Tony McMunn
Mrs. Madelyn Stumpf
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Ward


Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Bliley
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Keith Nichols
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ridgely
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ross


Dr. & Mrs. Pasquale Accardo
Mr. James Boehling
Linda and Dickie Bunce
Dr. Elizabeth Hanson
Ms. Sarah Jane Holzgrefe
Mr. & Mrs. William OConnor
Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pollard
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Wheatley


Ms. Mary-Downes Meyer Amrhein
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Barnes
Ms. Jennifer Bellaver
Mr. Dietric Berling
Mr. & Mrs. John Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Rodger Davis
Mr. & Mrs. Paul DeGance
Dominion Foundation
Lisa & Peter Hahn
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Laschon
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Mikkelson
Mr. Dwight Swanson & Dr. Jennifer Accardo
Mr. & Mrs. R. Woodruff
Mr. & Mrs. Roy York
Anonymous (4)


Mr/ & Mrs/ Douglas Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Ruppert Beirne
Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Buttner
Mr. & Mrs. John Donner
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Donohoe
Mr. & Mrs. William Drummond
Mr. & Mrs. Samual Graham
Ms. Theresa Harvey
Mr. & Mrs. B. Houghton
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kelleher
Mr. & Mrs. James Kepler
Miss Mijung Kim
Mr. Mark Lange
Mr. Michael Mariscalco & Mr. Kari Rudinsky
Nancy R Osawld
Mr. & Mrs. Bryan Peters
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Priest
Ms. Frances Reidelbach
Dr. & Mrs. Nicholas Sharp
Mr. Anthony Smith
Syliva & Bill Solari
Mr. & Mrs. Aaron Wagner
Mr. Ben Wasson & Ms. Elizabeth Ferguson
Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Zbell


Mr. & Mrs. Ivan Acosta
Ms. Stacy Ahyoung
Mrs. Kellyn Alvarez
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Anderson
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Anderson, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Anderson
Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson
Anonymous (16)
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Aryeh
Mr. Clyde Ash & Ms. Sanisha Bailey
Mrs. Pamela Autry
Ms. Lorena Ayala
Ms. Clara Ayala Garcia
Mrs. Suzanne Bailey
Mr. & Mrs. W E Bain
Mrs. Michele Barlow
Mr. Roxmel Rodriguez & Mrs. Maria Barrera
Mrs. Kathleen Burke Barrett
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L Bayer
Mr. Alan Bello Marcos & Ms. Bertha Yepez Garcia
Corey and Annie Benjamin
Mr. Christopher Bergin
Mrs. Leticia Bergin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bergin
Mr. & Mrs. Matej Bevc
Ms. Mengsa Bey
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Blide
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Booth
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Bootsma
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyle
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Britt
Mr. & Mrs. Leigh Brown
Ms. Ann Brunner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brunner
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Burchell
Mr. & Mrs. Cregg Burns
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Buthe
Ms. Marylou Carter
Mr. & Mrs. Jospeh Carter
Ms. Carol Cashman
Mrs. Maria Castro Contreras
Ms. Coleen Causey
Miss Elizabeth W Chenery
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Churchwell, III
Mrs. Michelle Cisik
Richard Clary
Mr. Robert Cleveland & Dr. Elizabeth Bortell
Ms. Patricia Clover
Mr. Thomas Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Cooper
Mr. & Mrs. Coye Cordle III
Mr. John Cornelius & Ms. Kerry Taniguchi
Ms. Angela Costa
Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Creager
Mr. Jeffrey Cronheim
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Cruess
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Cruess
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Cullen
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. Charles D'Agostino
Mr. & Mrs. William D'Agostino
Mrs. Judith Dart
Ms. Betty Daugherty
Mr. & Mrs. George Daugherty
Mr. & Mrs. John Davis
Miss Carrie Dawkins
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Deaton
Mrs. Rita Dee
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Dodson
Mr. & Mrs. Dickman
Mrs. April DiGirolamo
Mr. Kevin Doran
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Doran
Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Douglas
Mr. Steve Drew
Mr. Albert & Dr. Katherine Drummond
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Duffer
Ms. Judith Dyson
Dr. Michael Edwards & Ms. Brooke Taylor
Ms. Cindy Ellis
Ms. Jenny Ellis & Mr. Tim Holder
Mr. Jose Enamorado & Ms. Dinabel Ayala
Mr. & Mrs. Federico Espina
Mrs. Deyanira Fabian
Mr. Peter Fagan
Ms. Evelyn Ferrell
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Fitzpatrick
Ms. Melia Flanagan
Mr. Jeffrey Flanigan
Ms. Joan Marie Flanigan
Mrs. Rita Foster
Mrs. Chritina Foster-Jackson
Ms. Tracey Friedly
Mr. & Mrs. WIlliam Fullerton
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gallagher
Mr. Jose Garcia Garzon & Ms. Gloria Guerrero Castaneda
Gentile Family
Ms. Sara Gibson & Mr. Cristopher Lane
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Girayosian
Dr. Henry Gonner
Mr. & Mrs. Hector Gonzalez
Ms. Yuri Gonzalez
Mr. & Mrs. William Gorman
Ms. Megan Gorman
Mr. Dirk Graham
Mrs. Suzanne Grasberger
Mr. Christopher Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Griffin
Mr. & Mrs. Leo Grumblatt, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Gutierrez Panameño
Mr. Luisa Hahn-Tighe
Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hall
Mr. Albert Hammond & Ms. Adzo Selormey
Ms. Marie Harbaugh
Mr. & Mrs. Sergio Harding
Mr. & Mrs. David Harding
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Hawker
Mr. Chester Herbert & Mrs. Elizabeth Muldowney
Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Hernandez
Mrs. Erin Herrity
Mrs. Rebecca Hickman
Ms. Ann H Holzgrefe
William F. Holzgrefe Jr
Ms. Ann Honeycutt
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Horvath
Ms. Dini Howell
Mr. & Mrs. John Hughes
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Hughes
Pamela & Jim Hughes
Mr. Samuel Ikenberry
Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Jackson
Mrs. Christina Foster-Jackson
Ms. Maria Jaramillo
Ms. Michele Jensen
Joan Jimenez and Bibiana Hernandez
Mrs. Taneisha Johnson
Mr. Jason Jones & Ms. Libia Calderon
Mr. Harold B Kelly
Mrs. Ann Kirmil
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Korte
Daniela Kutchera
Mr. Joe Kutcher & Ms. Lourdes Garcia
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Lanham
Mr. David Lara & Ms. Maria Gonzalez
Denise Lawrence
Ms.  Marilyn Leahy
Mrs. Teresa Lehmann
Mr. Nathan Webb & Ms. Erika Lentini
Mr. Andrew Lucas
Mr. & Mrs. William Luck
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Lumsden-Cook
Mr. Felipe Luna & Ms. Yesenia Gonzalez
Ms. Michelle Lynne
Ms. Christine Malloy
Ms. Laura Mancini
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Mangano
Mr. & Mrs. David Mangano
Ms. Tracie Marchant
Ms. Rebekah Martin
Mr. Raphallel Martinez & Ms. Tanya Holmes
Mr. & Mrs. Aston McCatty
Mr. Michael McGee
Mr. John McGinty
Mr. & Mrs. Mark McKinley
Mr. Earl McKnight
Dr. Robert McMahon
Mr. Tom Mell
Ms. Monica Mell
Mrs. Judith Mendez
Ms. Monica Flott Menzies
Mr. & Mrs. Adin Merida
Mr. & Mrs. Benoit Meyrieux
Ms. Elizabeth Middleton
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mikkelson
Mr. Calbe Moel & Ms. Juliette O'Berry
Monte Alban LLC
Mr. Ivan Acosta & Mrs. Iveth Motenegro
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Moore
Betty & Jim Moore
Misters Rodney & Scott Moubray-Carrico
Mr. Lizette Mull
Ms. Kim Nguyen
Mr. Timothy O'Boyle
Brendan & Megan O'Boyle
Mr. & Mrs. John O'Herron
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O'Herron
Mr. & Mrs. Jeremy Olson
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ortiz
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Panchyshyn
Mr. Don Paradowski
Mrs. Mary Parsons
Mr. Patrick Patton
Ronnie Payne & Wendy Wood
Mr. Nelson Pelaez & Ms. Eludvia Luna
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Peters Jr
Mr. & Mrs. James Phillips Sr
Mr. & Mrs. Omar Plummer
Mr. & Mrs. Jason Poe
Mr. & Mrs. David Priest
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Proctor
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Puccinelli, Sr.
Mr. Michael Purcell Sr
Mr. Mauro Quiroz & Mrs. Angelica Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. David Radford
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ramos
Mr. & Mrs. Jose Ramos
Mr. & Mrs. Joel Rampe
Ms. Tamara Randolph
Mr. Rigoberto Reyes & Ms. Vanessa Ascencio
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Riccobono
Mr. Vincent Ripp
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rogers
Ms. Amber Rollins
Mr. Thomas Rose
Mr. & Mrs. James Ruppell
Ms. Jessica Scott
Mr. & Mrs. Tomas Sekinger
Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Shea
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Shea
Ms. Renee Sheehy
Mr. John Smith & Mrs. Marsha Raley
Ms. Jayne M. Smith
Mr. & Mrs. Walt Smith
Ms. Catherine Dart Solari
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Sprinkel
Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Staples
Mr. Donne Storino
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Stransky
Mr. Michael Straus
Mr. Lawrence Strollo
Mr. Eric Albert Sund
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Sundstrom
Mr. Ruth Taliaferro
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Thorell
Mr. arold Krapp & Ms. Michele Thorell
Mr. & Mrs. Sean Thorell
Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thornton
Ms. Elizabeth Toomey
Ms. Ellen Toomey
Ms. Rose Toomey
The Toomey Family Charitable Giving Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Treadwell
Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Tres
Mr. & Mrs. John Upton
Mrs. Jennifer Van Boskerck
Ms. Jennifer Vasquez  Lopez
Mr. & Mrs. Cedric Villenave
Mr. Joseph Wallmeyer & Mrs. Jean Peaco-Wallmeyer
Ms. Elizabeth Walsh
Mr. John West
Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Wessler
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Whaley
Mrs. Barbara Miller Whetstone
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Winters
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Wolf
Ms. Josephine Wood
Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Yesolitis
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy York
Ms. Barbara Young
Mr. Daneil Zantana & Ms. Lilia Lopez Granados
Mr. & Mrs. Jim Zocco


In Memory of Ann Ahyoung

Stacy Ahyoung

In Honor of Sahyun Bey

Alvina Thornton

In Honor of Michelle Cisik

Michael Rogers

In Honor of Jack & Harlan Donner

Mr. & Mrs. Walt Smith

In Memory of Joanne D'Aria

Mr. & Mrs. Jay Burchell

In Memory of Joseph & Virginia Dart

Catherine Dart Solari

In Memory of Margie Gott

Ms. Regina Alexander
Mr. & Mrs. Allen Blide
Miss Elizabet Chenery
Mr. & Mrs. Jospeh Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. Phillip Duffer
Ms. Joan Marie Flanigan
Mr. Jefferey Flanigan
Mr. & Mrs. John Hughes
Ms. Michele Jensen
Mrs. Ann Kirmil
Ms. Marilyn Leahy
Mr. & Mrs. Earl McKnight
Mr. Lawrence Strollo
Ms. Elizabeth Walsh

In Honor of Mattie Graham

Ms. Dini Howell

In Memory of Eleanor Lenz

Mary Martino

In Memory of Dr. Michael O. McMunn

Mr. & Mrs. Tony McMunn

In Honor of Luca Moore

Jim Moore

In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rose

Tomas Rose

In Memory of Helen Chambers Toomey

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Bayer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Boyle
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Curtin
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dickman
Mr. Peter Fagan
Mr. & Mrs. Peter Gallagher
Ms. Ann Honeycutt
Ms. Anne Lyne
Mr. Timothy O'Boyle
Brendan & Megan O'Boyle
Mr. Don Paradowski
Mr. Patrick Patton
Ronnie Payne and Wendy Woods
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Puccinelli, Sr.
Mr. & Mrs. Dana Roussy
Ms. Elizabeth Toomey
Ms. Ellen Toomey
Ms. Rose Toomey
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Toomey
The Toomey Family Charitable Giving Fund
Ms. Josephine Wood

In Honor of Mr. C. Scott Thorell

Mr. & Mrs. Sean Thorell

In Honor of Augustine Tourangeau

Mr. & Mrs. Dale Winters

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