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Lower School Program

The Lower School encompasses Kindergarten through Fifth Grade with one section per grade.  Having only one section per grade creates a close knit community where teachers and students know one another across grade levels.

Traditionally, students spend the majority of the day with a single teacher from whom they receive instruction in core subject areas: Religion, English, Mathematics, History, Science, and Latin.  They receive additional instruction outside the homeroom for: Music, Art, Physical Education, and Library. 

This period of instruction is generally called the "Grammar Stage," and focuses on teaching the "grammar" or foundation of each subject.  Mathematics is highlighted by learning and memorizing the fundamentals of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  English emphasizes reading fluency and comprehension, learning the basic parts of speech, and writing in complete and grammatically correct sentences.  Latin supports the development of language, particularly parts of speech and grammar.  Religion imparts familiar Scripture stories and the basic tenets of Catholic religious beliefs.  History provides a background in ancient civilizations that will set the stage for later historical analysis.  Science focuses on observation of the natural world and leverages children's natural curiosity and wonder.  Stories and memorization are common tools for instruction.

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