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After School Enricment (ASE)

After School Enrichment (ASE) believes that play, physical exercise, study hall, and self-determined activities are healthy choices for a child’s afternoon hours.  Our after school counselors are an invaluable resource for our students as they introduce activities and experiences while supporting and encouraging child initiated activities.  The ASE Program provides a faith filled environment where children experience success, learn creative structure of free time, enjoy the support of their peers and counselors, and practice respect, patience, and responsibility. 

Arrival and Departure

Students will be escorted downstairs at school dismissal.  Parents are required to come into the building to sign out and pick up their children.  Only the child’s custodial parents/guardians and the authorized people designated on the Emergency Contacts and Pick-up Authorization will be able to sign out a child from ASE.  Please inform the Director when someone other than a parent will be picking up your child from ASE. New parents as well as other adults may be asked to furnish an ID upon request until the staff is familiar with new faces.

*** If a court order exists barring a person from access to a student, that order in its entirety must be delivered in person to the Director of Extended Day.  The order will be put on file in the Front Office.  If the order is already on file with the Front Office, you must notify the Director of Extended Day.


There will be activities in arts and crafts, woodworking, cooking, and other enrichment classes.  Board games, playing cards, puzzles, and blocks are available for play.  A foosball table, ping pong table, and air hockey table are also ready for indoor play. Balls, jump ropes, and other playground and sports equipment are available for outdoor play.  Weather permitting, students will be able to use the school’s two playgrounds.  Children will be encouraged to participate in activities that require group interaction and self-expression.  The family-like atmosphere where students of different ages play and interact with one another and the small student to staff ratio encourage a smooth transition from school to home each day.


Snack will be provided each day.  Grace will be offered before snack. Washing hands before and after eating is required.  Children will sit at the tables, observe good manners, remain seated until finished, and help clean up after snack.  Opportunities will be available for the children to help prepare and serve snack.  Please let the Director know of any food allergies.

Study Hall

Study hall is open daily and is mandatory all students attend.  (No study hall on Fridays.)  ASE staff will be available to assist students in completing their homework, answer questions, and serve as a resource during study hall time.  If a student has completed all homework and studying, the time will be used for reading.  Parents are encouraged to let the Director know if their child needs any special attention in completing homework assignments or studying for tests.

During study hall, Pre-k and kindergarten students will participate in a quiet time or story time.

Normal Routine

3:00-3:25 pm   Students arrive and are greeted.  Roll is taken.

3:25-3:30 pm   Restroom break, washing of hands.

3:30-3:45 pm   Snack. 3:45-4:15 PM   Study hall for all students.  Quite/story time for kindergarteners.

3:55-5:30 pm    Activity and free play time.  

5:30-5:45 pm   Clean-up of all activities and sports.

5:45-6:00 pm   Children pack to go home.

Study hall is open and will be staffed at all times during the ASE hours.

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