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Kindergarten and 1st grade

Kindergarten and 1st grade do not wear PE uniforms. Year round, they are to wear their athletic shoes to school on PE day. Girls should wear shorts underneath their jumpers.

2nd - 8th Grade

On PE days, the PE uniform is the uniform for the day and should be worn to school.

Students are not allowed to call home for a forgotten PE uniform, exchange or share uniforms (even among siblings).

The PE uniform consists of:

  • SHIRT: Saint Benedict gym shirt with the school name (sold by Flynn & O'Hara on Midlothian Tpk.)

  • SHORTS: navy mesh gym shorts

  • SOCKS: white crew or calf length socks

  • SHOES: athletic shoes appropriate for physical activity (must be predominately white)

In cold weather, the school warm up pants (sold by Flynn & O’Hara Uniform), navy school sweatshirt (sold by Flynn O'Hara Uniform or the Comet Shop) or plain, navy sweat pants may be worn.


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