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Diocese of Richmond - Core Values & Beliefs

The Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Richmond…

Rooted in the richness of the Catholic tradition,
And addressing the challenge of the present,
Are enthusiastically creating a future
Based on the person
And teaching of Jesus Christ

Catholic schools proclaim their identity as formative communities where prayer and
worship, justice and peace, reconciliation and evangelization, become lived experiences.

Catholic schools know themselves as integral to the mission of the church and as the responsibility of the entire church.

Catholic schools are positioned as the heart of the church’s life, and, as such, share in the responsibility of being church in the world.

Catholic schools nurture personal growth, scholarship, life-long learning, service,
and responsible stewardship through a faith-centered way of life.

Catholic schools are committed,
As responsible stewards,
To collaborative planning

To remain the educational choice for the future.

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