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Tuition for Academic Year 2024-2025

Non-Catholic JK-8

1 Student   $10,572
2 Students $20,134
3 Students $30,200
4 Students $40,267

Catholic* JK-8

1 Student   $7,354
2 Students $13,248
3 Students $17,472
4 Students $19,559

*The Catholic Tuition Discount is offered to actively practicing Catholic families and is funded through the shared generosity of our parish and other Catholic parishes that are part of the Diocese of Richmond. To be eligible to receive the Catholic Tuition Discount, your family must be a registered member of a local Catholic parish in the Diocese of Richmond and your students must be baptized and regularly attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation. If offered an admissions contract, the family will receive a Catholic Verification form for their pastor to sign, verifying the above, in order to receive the Catholic Tuition Discount. This form must be signed annually by the Pastor in order to maintain the tuition discount. If you have recently moved to the area and do not currently have a parish home, we encourage you to reach out to your local Catholic parish.


Application Fee: $50/student.  This one-time fee is paid when submitting an application for enrollment. 

Registration Fee: $250/student.  This one-time fee is paid by all new students. It is paid either with the enrollment contract or with the first tuition installment.

Tuition Deposit: $200/familyFamilies pay a $200 deposit with the annual enrollment contract.  The deposit is credited toward tuition and becomes non-refundable 2 weeks after the contract is accepted by the school, or, if a tuition assistance offer was made by the school, 2 weeks after the offer.  

Classroom Dues:  $40/student.  This annual fee is normally paid at Book Day.  Dues support PTO projects and programs.

Uniforms: Uniforms can be purchased through Flynn & O’Hara. They can be contacted  either online at or by visiting their Richmond store in the Stein Mart  Shopping Center at 9722 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235. There are also used  uniforms available for purchase throughout the school year. Items are $2/each. The PTO  holds 3 -4 used uniform sales throughout the year, but we encourage all new students to purchase at least 2 complete uniforms to begin the year as items in our used uniform sale vary greatly in availability.

Valores de Aplicación, Inscripción y Depósito

Valor de aplicación: $45/estudiante. Se debe pagar en el momento que se somete la aplicación de matrícula. 

Valor de Inscripción: $250/estudiante. (Se paga una vez al empezar a estudiar en la escuela) La deben pagar los estudiantes que van a empezar en Junior Kindergarten y todos los estudiantes nuevos empezando en los grados K-8. Se debe pagar cuando se regresa el contrato de matrícula o con el primer pago de matrícula. 

Depósito de Matrícula: $200/familia anual. Se paga cuando se regresa el contrato anual de matrícula. Este depósito se descuenta luego del valor a pagar de la matrícula. No se hace devolución de este deposito después de 2 semanas de que la familia haya regresado a la escuela el contrato con el depósito o 2 semanas luego de que la escuela notifique a la familia del valor otorgado por asistencia financiera (si fue solicitado).

Cuota del salon de clase: $40/estudiante. Esta cuota anual usualmente se paga en "Book Day". Esta cuota apoya el PTO en el programa "Comida Para las Personas sin Hogar", compra de materiales para el proyecto de arte de la Fiesta de Gala de Primavera "Spring Gala", y la compra de las canastas que se hacen por salon para subastar en la Fiesta de Gala de Primavera.

Tuition Assistance

Saint Benedict offers need-based Tuition Assistance made possible by the school, parish, and diocese; however, all families pay something.  We encourage all families who think they may be eligible to apply.

All families seeking tuition assistance must complete an on-line application through FACTS.  The FACTS application is in addition to the application for school admission.  There are two main rounds of tuition assistance.  Returning families without business income are eligible for Round 1 ONLY.  All other families are eligible for Round 1 or 2.


Round 1 - no later than March 1 - families will be notified within 3 weeks of submission of all required documents

Round 2 - no later than June 1 - families will be notified within 3 weeks of submission of all required documents

If you have questions after reading the FAQ, please email Brian Wingfield, Director of Finance.

For families who apply for admissions after June 1, applications for tuition assistance are considered on a rolling basis.

Policy Updates

1.  As of 2018-19, PreK Students are no longer eligible for Diocesan aid (Parish Sharing, McMahon Parater).

2.  As of 2020-21, PreK Students will normally only be considered for school aid if they have other family members who are also applying for aid at Saint Benedict.

3.  As of 2018-19 - Who applies?

  • Student's Parents/Guardians married, separated, or living together:
    • Both parents apply.  If they are living apart, they submit separate applications.
  • Student's Parents/Guardians are not married and live apart.
    • The custodial parent the child spends the most time with applies. (This is the same as for the college Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSFA).)  In addition, the spouse of the applicant also applies.  Other adults living in the household but not on the same tax return with the applicant need not apply; however since their income is excluded their expenses are also excluded. 


Saint Benedict ofrece asistencia financiera para el pago de matricula. Esta es posible gracias a la escuela, la iglesia, y la Diócesis. La asistencia se da de acuerdo a la situación de la familia, pero es importante resaltar que aunque se ofrece asistencia financiera, todas las familias deben pagar algo. 

Motivamos a todas las familias que consideren que pueden ser elegibles para recibir ayuda financiera a aplicar. 

Todas las familias que deseen solicitar, deben completar una aplicación a través de FACTS.

Existen dos rondas principales de asistencia financiera. Las familias que ya asisten a la escuela que no tengan ingresos provenientes de su negocio participan en La Ronda 1. Las demás familias pueden participar en La Ronda 1 y 2.


Ronda 1. Marzo 1. Las familias serán notificadas a mediados de Abril.

Ronda 2. Junio 1. Las familias serán notificadas a finales de Junio.

Si tiene preguntas luego de de leer las FAQ (Respuestas a Preguntas Frecuentes), contactar a Brian Wingfield, Directora de Finanzas.

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