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The classical education offered at Saint Benedict is characterized by four key elements:

  1. A timeless and enduring system of forming the mind and character of human beings
  2. Based on the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome
  3. Preserved and developed throughout history by the Church
  4. Placed entirely in the context of Jesus Christ as the savior of the world

An education that is timeless and enduring differs from one that is simply old for the sake of nostalgia.  Instead, a truly classical education stands on the shoulders of those who have gone before us and engages in the "great conversation" that continues from one generation to the next.  Classical  Catholic education is focused on the ultimate "end" (or goal) of eternal life for the human soul with its heavenly creator.  In order to accomplish this end, we strive to form the whole human person, so that they can be receptive to truth.  More than simply covering a series of standards, we hope to cultivate a sense of wonder in our students that inspires a lifetime of learning.

The oft-cited decline of modern education has prompted a renewal of classical learning.  Here are a few examples of news articles from across the country of schools transformating to a classical model.

Visit our Classical Education page to learn more.

A Saint Benedict Graduate

  • Is prepared for the academic rigors of high school
  • Possesses a curiosity for learning and the created world
  • Communicates effectively through spoken and written word
  • Thinks logically
  • Understands the teachings of the Catholic faith
  • Is growing in a personal relationship with Jesus
  • Demonstrates virtue
  • Serves others
  • Is well-rounded