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Summer Reading

We encourage students to take a break and relax over the summer, however, we don't want them to completely forget about learning.  With this in mind, we do have summer reading for the students.  In addition, we've noticed that typing is a weak area for most middle school students.  We have included a free typing program that middle school students will be expected to complete over the summer.  The summer assignments for 2018 can be found by clicking here.

Supply Lists

We are excited to announce that our school is offering online school supplies through ClassBundl for the upcoming school year! You can simply search our school, select your student’s classroom, and have their supplies bundled and shipped to your door. Each purchase earns 5% cash back to our school. Shortly, you will be able to order supplies online at  For those who prefer to purchase the supplies on your own, click here for the lists for 2018-19.

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