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Boys Uniform

Boys UniformShirt: (3 options) Must be long enough to be tucked in at all times with buttons buttoned (except the top button). *A plain white tee shirt with no writing must be worn underneath the oxford shirt. (Starting in August 2021 the plain white tee shirt is optional.)

- white knit shirt with school name
- or white button-­down oxford short sleeved shirt*
- or  white button-down oxford long sleeved shirt*

Slacks: Navy dress slacks (no “cargo” pockets)

Belt: Solid brown or black belt

Socks: Navy or black crew or calf length

Shoes: Solid color navy, black, or brown loafer or oxford style shoes. No tennis shoes.

Tie: School uniform tie must be worn on "Dress" days, with oxford shirt and top button fastened.

For examples of and to order middle school boys uniform items available at Flynn & O'Hara, click HERE and enter the gender and grade of your student. (All general, non-logo items may be purchased anywhere. However, our school plaid and stripe (tie), along with logo items, must be purchased at Flynn & O'Hara.)

Summer Uniform

May be worn before Thanksgiving and after Easter.

Boys Summer UniformShirt: White knit shirt with school monogram, tucked in at all times.

T-Shirt: A plain white t-­shirt with no writing may be worn under the uniform shirt.

Shorts: Navy Bermuda length dress shorts (no “cargo” pockets)

Belt: Solid brown or black belt.

Socks: White crew (calf) length socks.

Shoes: Plain white tennis shoes, tied properly at all times. Starting in August 2021 loafers are allowed with the summer uniform.

School Mass

  • Tie: School uniform tie must be worn, with oxford shirt and top button fastened.
  • Shirt: White Oxford botton-down shirt
  • Pants: Navy Dress Pants



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